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Landmark (Alexander Koenig Museum)

Enterventionale 2020

Museum Alexander Koenig
Curated by: Michael Stockhausen
Bonn, Germany

Landmark is a work that dialogues with locations that are under a process of change. My proposal for the ‘All is now’ is an intervention on the entrance of the Naturkunde Museum in Bonn to stress the change not only the Museum is physically having at the moment, also the science in the way they have seen and understood nature. This vision that finds today an urgent call when global warming is an undeniable fact and we need to learn from other cultures and their visions since the one ruling so far seems to be insufficient at the moment.

I create a white/red ‘Absperrband’ pattern copied from notebooks i used as a child to write my science homeworks. The piece is a scenography of the taxidermic samples on display on the main hall. This pattern replace on one side the usual Africa Sabanas landscapes that are usually on display here, but also the one of the artic room since they are next to each other and share the niches where Lanmark will be hanging. The piece manifest how spaces intertwined in the museum analogically as they do in the planet.

This red/white band is the one that can be seen on any locations under construction in the city. Bonn and the Naturkundemuseum are at this very moment under construction themselves. Landmark works as a sign of alert for an space that is experiencing changes which can be positive or negative but mean a new set of a situation. 

The outcome is yet to be seen, therefore still in a stage of be influence and guided.