Stories written during the workshops

Tausendundeine Nacht

Eine Mündliche Erzählung von Migranten

Volkshochschule Vilsbiburg
Curated by: test this
With: the support of Andrea Ideli
VHS Vilsbiburg

The starting point of departure for this project is the ancient relationship between the West and the East using as guide the novel "One Thousand and One Nights". The collection of narratives in this novel whose origins are still subject of discussion to this day became known in the West even before the published book. Also known as 'the Arab Nights' has been inspiration of many writers, philosophers and artists as well as children and adults around the world.

Millions of people have to face displacement from their places of origin. After leaving almos everything behind they still carry with them incredible exoperiences; whether happy or sad. From tales, songs, leyends or simply their very own history have the power to connect to each of us.

The installation Thousand and One Nights is a sound and video installation with audios of stories from Migrants from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Senegal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Turkey and many more. The stories are played in a dark room and translated into simultaneous writing that can only be read correctly in a mirrored surface. Viewers can only receive the message through art by entering into another dimension.