Museum Alexander Koenig
Castle Church
Tama la bibi

O Jehovah Quam Ampla Sunt Tua Opera!

Curated by: Michael Stockhausen
Bonn, Germany

This piece links the Naturkundemuseum and die Schloßkirche, the transfer of some taxidermy pieces from the museum to the university church. The pieces selected for transfer to the church have a great symbolic charge. One of them is the condor of the Andes. This for Native Americans is associated with the creation of land with fertility. The Mapuches, for example, associate the condor with wisdom, justice, kindness and leadership. These pieces would be moved to the church next to the phrase found at the entrance of the museum in which it is read:

O Jehovah, quam ampla sunt tua opera!  

This title phrase puts the historical challenge we face above our beliefs (whether Catholic, Jewish, Mapuche, or science-based). The changes that must be made are profound in our economic models and in the scale of values. In the Naturkundemuseum there will be silhouettes and an explanatory text occupying the places where the birds were and the phrase. These silhouettes not only accentuate their absence, but also refer to a system that exists behind these disappearances.

The work is only understood in its totality when the two places of the exhibition are visited. Each of the spaces corresponds to a vision and understanding of the world that we build and that surrounds us. Different visions of the world that complement each other rather than exclude each other.