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Tower isometric
Sections/Floor plan details

Brick, Steel, Glass

Kunst am Bau Competition

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin
Curated by: Kunst am Bau
With: Felix Stumpf

The Kunst am Bau competition had the former KWO building (a cable factory) where today is the school of technics and economics (HTW) in Berlin as location. The competition aimed to represent the concept of change and development having 3 simultaneous sites to be developed for the project.

The Akkumulatorenturm a historical building located in one of the sites was the starting point for the proposal. Steel, Glass and Brick proposed to spread each material the tower was build with (3) on each location during its restoration. Once the renovation is finished traces of the storage places will remain as scars of the renovation process the students have witness.