The Offering

Between Heaven and Cosmos

Threshold and the Offering

With: Marc Aldinger
Archa Nebra

This project takes as its starting point the representation of the cosmos on the Nebra Sky Disk and its reference to the sun cult of the time: 
Golden rings, made of fine gold leaf, around the trunks of about 500 trees, so-called "sun rings", form a mythical field. They refer to the myth of the sun of the Aunjetitzer culture. The sun rings are placed in the upper third of the tree trunks and guide the visitors' gaze upwards towards the sky. The sunlight is reflected in their surface and causes a sparkle during the day which is similar to the sparkle of the stars in the sky at night. 
The Nebra Sky Disk with its gold plating is the oldest concrete representation of the cosmos. In addition, the golden sun barque refers to the mythical sun cult - the sun carried out its daily course across the sky in a barque. 
The golden sun rings thus establish a reference to the meaning of the Nebra Sky Disk through the choice of material, its shape and its location.